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Training Training is a learning process that involves the acquisition of knowledge, sharpening of skills, concepts, rules, or changing of attitudes and behaviours to enhance the performance of employees.

Training Processes

  1. Clients Training Need: A brief meeting with the client helps us to understand the requirements so that we can map these requirements with the training objective and develop a solution.
  2. Training Need Analysis: This is conducted by the trainer so that we can bridge the gap between the clientís perception of the training requirement and the participantís scope of training.
  3. Dummy Program Outline: Based on the need analysis, FLAMBEAU will prepare a dummy program outline and send it for clientís approval.
  4. Customization: After taking suggestions from the client, the training content, methodology and delivery is customized and conducted accordingly.
  5. Training Delivering: The expert who conducts the TNA is also the trainer who would conduct the program. This results in superior understanding and therefore delivery.
  6. Evaluation & Feedback: A Pre training assessment will be conducted before the start of the program to understand the scope for improvement for the participants. An assessment would also be conducted during and post the training session to measure the effectiveness of the training.

Training Methodology

Our fast customization and interactive coaching training process accelerates the impact of the training. Our Training approach provides immediate, actionable programs, learning and tools that instill proven skills, strategies, and processes. The program will be conducted through Interactive sessions.

The elements of our approach include the following.
  • Trainer Led Sessions
  • Audio-Visual Aids
  • Role Plays
  • Power Point Presentation
  • Giving Feedback to the Trainees
  • Follow-up on the results of the evaluation
  • Assessment / Evaluation
    (pre, mid and post assessment of individual participant)
  • Group Activities
  • Games/Activity
  • Case Studies
  • Handouts
  • Testing Tools
  • Self Audits
  • Mock Calls

Training Methodology

Training Delivery

  • Customized training programs in business and soft skills such as Communication, Interpersonal skills, Sales, Customer Service, Leadership, Coaching, IT and IT enabled services applications etc.
  • Experiential and blended learning methodology using technology and class based approach
  • 100% Certified faculty with deep vertical and training experience.
  • Rigorous pre and post-assessments for ensuring impact

Content Development

  • Creation of customized training solutions and material for in-company as well as third party deployment by clients.
  • Re-purposing or redesigning of existing training
  • Integrate e-Learning with organizationís training strategy, processes and learning management systems

Content Development Architecture

We follow the content development architecture for all the modules that we develop so that it becomes a experiential learning with TRANSFORMATIONAL objectives imbibed in the content

Content Development Architecture

  • Philosophy : Essence and purpose of the development path
  • Principles : Help the learner do something that couldnít be done before
  • Processes : Sequential approach followed in the development cycle
  • Products : Final outputs to deliver the desired objectives
  • Practice : What we preach in active form

Content Development Process

Content Development Process

Training Consulting

  • Development of Learning and Knowledge management strategy and plans to support organization strategy.
  • Integrated project implementation Ė from needs identification and analyses, to design, development, validation, measurement and evaluation.
  • Development of outsourcing strategy for entire or partial requirements
  • System integration & support with multiple suppliers & training service providers

Assessments and Measurement

  • Skill and competency assessments using proprietary and customized tools and instruments
  • Training effectiveness audits for in-house or outsourced training.
  • Skill and competency using online paper based and simulation tools
  • 360 degree feedback and workshops
  • Customer satisfaction survey and audits.

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